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WEC visual workshop management

June 24, 2023

Latest company news about WEC visual workshop management

Visual workshop management is a method of improving production efficiency and quality through visual tools and techniques. It involves making the work processes and data in the workshop more transparent and visible, making it easier for the production line and operators to identify and solve problems, thereby improving production efficiency and quality while reducing waste and errors.


Here are some common visual tools and techniques used in visual workshop management:

1.Daily team meetings: Hold brief team meetings before the start of each day to discuss the progress of the previous day's work, analyze issues and bottlenecks on the production line, and develop solutions.
2.Production boards: Use boards to display information such as work progress, production tasks, and quality issues on the production line. This can help operators identify and solve problems in a timely manner, improving production efficiency and quality.
3.5S organization: Improve the organization and management of the workshop by engaging in 5S activities such as sorting, straightening, cleaning, standardizing, and sustaining, reducing waste and errors.
4.Failure analysis: Collect and analyze equipment failure data to identify types and frequency of equipment failure and take measures to reduce failure occurrence and improve equipment reliability.

Summary reports: Summarize the workshop's production situation weekly or monthly, analyze production efficiency and quality indicators, propose improvement suggestions and measures, and promote continuous improvement in the workshop.



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