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Chip Mounter FUJI Pick And Place Machine NXTⅢ High Speed

Packaging Details : Wooden box Delivery Time : 5 weeks
Payment Terms : T/T
Place of Origin: MADE IN CHINA Brand Name: FUJI
Model Number: NXT Ⅲ

Detail Information

Application: SMT Pick And Place Machine Product Name: FUJI Pick And Place
Quality: 100% Tested, Top Quality Lead Time: 40 Days
Model No.: NXT Ⅲ
High Light:

FUJI Pick And Place Machine NXTⅢ


NXTⅢ fuji chip mounter


FUJI Pick And Place Chip Mounter

Product Description

FUJI Pick and place NXT Ⅲ


Product description:


Operators can easily replace the heads

The original compact, lightweight heads from Fuji can be easily exchanged without tools due to this operators on site can carry out maintenance work.

2. The machine automatically performs a calibration after the heads have been replaced

After replacing the head, the operator simply presses the START button. The machine automatically performs a calibration for the head and starts the production.

3. Reconfigure the machine according to the purpose

Modules, heads and supply units can be easily exchanged according to part types and production needs. This is a unique mechanism that maximizes production on the given floor space.

4. Increase the efficiency of production lines at minimum cost

Increase the capacity in minimum units of 645 mm and support latest placement processes by adding different units. The costs can be reduced considerably, as no new machines have to be added.

5. Increase efficiency with simple material flow

Single-sided operation rationalizes and optimizes the material flow, this is reducing the workload on the operator and increases the efficiency of material supply. Dies erhöht die Effizienz bei der Materialversorgung und bei der Durchführung von Wartungsarbeiten.

Features & parameter:


Advance chip mounter

Fast & flexible pick and place machine

Multi-functional SMT placement

Fast flexible pick & place machine


FUJI Smart Factory Platform

In order to minimize the gap between the plan and reality while maintaining efficient production, optimum production schedules that include the flow of materials need to be implemented and met in actual production. FUJI Smart Factory Platform NXTR is a new platform that is able to link with the integrated production system, Nexim, for efficiently performing a wide range of production.


Electronic component mounter - NXTR

The NXTR is a high-end model placement machine that pursues placement quality and productivity through expanding supported panel sizes and part handling capability and enhancing data processing while continuing the popular Fuji concepts -- compact, high area productivity, single side operation, modular, and simple operation.


The newly developed automatic feeder exchange system frees operators from changeover and supply work. Fuji is paving the way to the future of Smart Factories with NXTR.


PCB SIZE(L *W) 48mm×48mm~250mm×510mm(Dual lane) 48mm×48mm~534mm×510mm(Dual lane)
48mm×48mm~250mm×610mm(Single lane) 48mm×48mm~534mm×610mm(Single lane)
※The maximum is 280 mm for dual lane handling (W), and the maximum is 280 mm for single lane handling The maximum is 280 mm for dual lane handling (W), and the maximum is 280 mm for single lane handling
 Component type MAX20 type (8mm) MAX45 type(8mm)
 PCB loading time Dual lane transport : O sec during continuous operation, dual lane transport: 2.5 sec (transport between modules of M3 III), 3.4 sec (transport between modules of M6 III)
 (Precision) H24:±0.025mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00 H24:±0.025mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00
※Test result. V12/H12HS:±0.038(±0.050) mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00 V12/H12HS:±0.038(±0.050) mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00
  H04S/H04SF:±0.040mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00 H08M/H04S/H04SF:±0.040mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00
  H08/H04:±0.050mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00 H08/H04/OF:±0.050mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00
  H02/H01/G04:±0.030mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00 H02/H01/G04:±0.030mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00
  H02F/G04F:±0.025mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00 H02F/G04F:±0.025mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00
  GL:±0.100mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00 GL:±0.100mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00
Capacity H24:35,000 cph & 43,000 cph H24:35,000 cph & 43,000 cph
※Test results V12:26,000 cph V12:26,000 cph
  H12HS:24,500 cph H12HS:24,500 cph
  H08:11,500 cph H08M:13,000 cph
  H04:6,500 cph H08:11,500 cph
  H04S:9,500 cph H04:6,500 cph
  H04SF:10,500 cph H04S:9,500 cph
  H02:5,500cph H04SF:10,500 cph
  H02F:6,700cph H02:5,500 cph
  H01:4,200 cph H02F:6,700cph
  G04:7,500 cph H01:4,200 cph
  G04F:7,500 cph G04:7,500 cph
  GL:16,363 dph(0.22sec/dot) G04F:7,500 cph
  GL:16,363 dph(0.22sec/dot) OF:3,000 cph
 Component H24:03015~5mm×5mm Height:Max2.0mm
  V12/H12HS:0402~7.5mm×7.5mm Height:Max3.0mm
  H08M:0603~45mm×45mm Height:Max13.0mm
  H08:0402~12mm×12mm Height:Max6.5mm
  H04:1608~38mm×38mm Height:Max9.5mm
  H04S/H04SF:1608~38mm×38mm Height:Max6.5mm
  H02/H02F/H01/0F:1608~74mm×74mm(32mm×180mm) Height:Max25.4mm
  G04/G04F:0402~15mm×15m Height:Max6.5mm
Component supply device
Intelligent feeder According to 481216243244567288104 mm width.
Tubular feeder 4≦width≦15mm(6≦width≦18mm), 15≦width≦32mm(18≦width≦36mm)  
Tray Feeder Tray size 135.9 × 322.6mm(JEDEC)(-M), 276×330 mm (Tray size LT), 143×330 mm (Tray size-LTC)
Machien size L:1295mm(M3 III×4, M6 III×2) / 645mm(M3 III×2, M6 III)
Weight: W:1900.2mm H:1476mm






Q: What we can do for you?
A: Total SMT Machines and Solution, professional Technical Support and Service.


Q:Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?
A: OEM & ODM service are available.


Q: What is your delivery date?
A: The delivery date is about 35 days after receipt of payment.


Q: What is your payment terms?
A: 30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before shipment.
Q: Why choose us?
A: Leading SMT Supplier in China; Trade assurance to USD 560,000+; Professional after-sales service team.


Global Service:

1. We Provide Full SMT Solution for You

2. We Provide Core Technology With Our Equipments

3. We Provide The Most Professional Tech Service

4. We Have Wealthy Experience on SMT Factory Setup

5. We Can Solve Any Question About SMT





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