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Product Description

1. Function of Reject Conveyor

1.Located after AOI to separate the OK/NG PCBs

When the conveyor receives an NG PCB from AOI, the lift station in the middle will lifts it up and sounds alarm to operator for double checking. Press button to let it down and transfer to downstream machine if it's OK; 

Take it away and press button to down the lift station if it's truely NG, ready to receive the next NG PCB. OK PCBs will pass through.

2. Specification of Reject Conveyor

Model: BE-050ME

1.Machine size:(L)1000x(W)700x(H)950mm

2.PCB size:50*50~460*350mm

3.Transport direction:Front rail fixed,transport from left to right.

4.Transport height:900+50/-20mm

5.Transport rail:Special aluminum rail,4.8mm edge belt to do transport.

6.AIRTAC cylinder for lift station.

7.Control system:OMRON PLC and PANASONIC sensors.

3.Product advantages of Reject Conveyor

* Can Reject PCB OK or NG

* CE available

* Standard SMEMA.

4.Product Details of Reject Conveyor

5.Product packing of PCB Reject conveyor of Reject Conveyor

Our products are vacuum packed in non-fumigation wooden boxes.

6.Delivery date and shipping for Reject Conveyor of Reject Conveyor

Delivery date for standard conveyor

25 to 30days after receive deposit.

Delivery date for Custom conveyor

30 to 40 days after receive deposit.

Reject Conveyor does not contain battery, powder, liquid, magnet, glue, ink, snow and other sensitive items economical safe.


1.Q:Do you have warranty for this machine?

A:Warranty:1 year from date of delivery

2.Q:Do you have any certifications for this Reject conveyor?

A:Yes, we have CE,ISO,Patent certificate

3.Q:What package of this Conveyor?

A:Our export is to use non fumigated wooden cases, which are vacuum packed and non unpacked.

4.Q:What is your Shipment terms for your Reject conveyor?

A:Our Shipment terms:above price is EXW.If you are FOB or CIF, we can make quotation according to your request.

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