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Seamark ZM-R7220A Infrared Soldering Station 5300W Infrared SMD Rework Station

Product Details:
Place of Origin: MADE IN CHINA
Brand Name: Seamark ZM
Model Number: ZM-R7220A
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Delivery Time: 5 weeks
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10+pcs+1year

Detail Information

Product Name: Seamark Usage: Smt Machine,pcb Assembly Line
Quality: 100% Tested, Top Quality Lead Time: 30 Days
Model No: ZM-R7220A
High Light:

ZM-R7220A Infrared Soldering Station


5300W Infrared SMD Rework Station


Seamark Infrared SMD Rework Station

Product Description

Seamark ZM-R7220A




●Suitable for rework of packaged components such as BGA/POP/CSP/LED/QFN/CSP/LGA/Micro SMD/MLF (Micro Lead Frames)


Independent three temperature zone temperature control system:

1. The upper and lower temperature areas are heated by hot air, and the IR preheating area is heated by infrared, and the temperature is accurately controlled at ±3°C. The upper and lower heaters can be heated from the top of the components and the bottom of the PCB at the same time, and multi-stage temperature control can be set at the same time; IR The preheating zone can adjust the heating area according to the actual requirements, so that the PCB board can be heated evenly. The maximum temperature of the upper and lower temperature zones can reach 450℃, and the maximum temperature of the IR preheating zone can reach 300℃.
2. The BGA chip and the PCB board can be heated locally with hot air at the same time, and supplemented by a large-area infrared heater to preheat the bottom of the PCB board, which can completely avoid the deformation of the PCB board during the repair process, and the support bar or thimble The effect is better; by choosing the upper temperature zone or the lower temperature zone, the upper and lower temperature zones can be used alone, and the energy of the upper and lower heating bodies can be freely combined.
3. High-precision K-type thermocouple closed-loop control and PID parameter self-tuning system are selected; it can display seven temperature curves and store multiple sets of user data at the same time, and has the function of instantaneous curve analysis; the external temperature measurement interface realizes precise temperature detection, The temperature curve of the actual BGA collected can be analyzed and calibrated at any time.

Precise optical alignment system:
The image of the optical alignment system of this machine is clear, the maximum can be enlarged to 200 times of the components, and the placement accuracy can reach ±0.01mm. And it has the functions of splitting two colors, zooming in, zooming out and fine-tuning, and is equipped with a 15″ high-definition LCD display. Switch to "Place" mode, which can realize the function of automatic alignment and placement.

Superior safety protection function:
This machine has passed CE certification and is equipped with emergency stop switch and automatic power-off protection device for abnormal accidents; after welding or desoldering, it has an alarm function. When the temperature is out of control, the circuit can automatically power off, and it has double over-temperature protection functions. The parameters are protected by password to prevent arbitrary modification and other safety protection and fool-proof functions. It has superior safety protection function to ensure that the PCB and components are not damaged and the machine itself is damaged under any abnormal conditions.
During operation, each heater is automatically monitored in real time. When an abnormal accident occurs, the relevant sensor will send the fault signal to the PLC, and the PLC will automatically close the relevant output channel and display the fault status on the touch screen.



Equipment Parameters:


Power AC 220V±10% 50/60 Hz
Total power Max 5300W
Heater power Upper temperature zone 1200 W, lower temperature zone 1200 W, IR temperature zone 2700 W
Temperature control Independent heating control system V2 (with software copyright) independent temperature control up and down, the temperature accuracy range is ±3℃
PCB fixing method V-shaped card slot + universal clamp + laser red dot positioning
Optical alignment accuracy ±0.01mm
PCB size Max 410×370 mm Min 6×6 mm
Preheat zone size Max 280×380mm
Applicable BGA size Max60×60mm Min 2×2 mm
Temperature measurement interface 1 pc
Machine size L640×W630×H900 mm
Machine weight 70kg
Main material Panasonic PLC + Panasonic CCD optical alignment system + Korea Shilin (CNB) industrial camera + American imported Omega temperature measurement system + German heating core + Taiwan imported heating brick + Dalian Institute of Technology temperature control module + Taiwan high-precision suction rod System + Japan Zuo Teng vacuum pump + Taiwan Shangyin precision ball guide, etc.



Seamark ZM-R7220A Infrared Soldering Station 5300W Infrared SMD Rework Station 0



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