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Maintenance of Automatic equipment


Automatic equipment refers to the mechanical equipment that assembles multiple parts of the product through tight fitting, snapping, screwing, bonding, riveting, welding, etc. to meet the predetermined dimensional accuracy and function of the finished product (semi-finished product). Through manual processing (contact, finishing, grasping, moving, placing, applying force, etc.) and the assembly of various parts, strictly speaking, it can only be called manual assembly. Assembly that does not require manual handling (touching, sorting, grabbing, moving, placing, etc.) parts can be called automatic assembly. Between them is semi-automatic assembly. So how to maintain automatic equipment?

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1. Check the guide rails of the automatic assembly equipment every day, and replace them in time if they are damaged or failed to maintain growth.
2. The machine should keep the electrical parts clean, clean the dust to maintain a comfortable and healthy working environment.
3. If the machine does not work, turn off the power in time and apply anti-rust oil on the main components. The reason is that the lead screw must be cleaned about 1 month after the installation of the new automatic assembly equipment.

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