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Mini Magazine Unloader related introduction

Unloaders are divided into three categories: ordinary type, pressure-resistant type, and high-temperature-resistant type. Mini Magazine Unloader can be driven at a uniform speed, continuously discharging materials at a controlled rate, or driven at an indefinite speed, using the unloader as a feeder.
Common type of unloader: It can be used for normal materials below 150 degrees and normal temperature, and it can continuously and evenly feed the material into the conveying pipe. In the system and the separation dust collection part, it can also be used as a unloader.
Pressure-resistant discharger: It uses a closed rotor, which can be widely used in suction and pressure-feed air conveying systems and negative pressure conveying equipment. The rotating discharger can ensure that the air pressure in the conveying pipe does not leak and can be safe It is called Wan-locking device in this respect because it can withstand pressure and also has ordinary functions.
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