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Introduction to Telescopic Gate Conveyor


Telescopic Gate Conveyor is a conveyor telescopic door device, including a material trough, and is characterized in that it also includes a telescopic door and a pressing mechanism, the pressing mechanism is fixed on the outside of the material trough, the side of the telescopic door is provided with an adjusting groove, and The pressing mechanism is sleeved in the adjusting groove, and the retractable door and the material groove are pressed and fixed by the pressing mechanism. The Telescopic Gate Conveyor of the utility model can change or adjust the length of the conveying stroke of the entire conveying equipment by moving the telescopic gate to adjust its extension length. It is convenient to install, adjust and use. It adopts a pressing mechanism and can be pressed quickly and conveniently. Or loosen the combination of the telescopic door and the trough, it is convenient to move the telescopic door to adjust the extension length, change the conveying stroke, and facilitate the disassembly and maintenance of the mechanism, which can facilitate the cleaning of the next station equipment, which is conducive to the more even distribution of materials Discharge.

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