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Industrial automation solutions to achieve a new leap in the low-carbon transformation of manufacturing enterprises


At present, most automation companies see the opportunities brought by the development of low-carbon economy.

For example, Guangdong tostar, the most representative enterprise in the automation industry, has achieved "unmanned chemical plant" and "lightless workshop" 

by continuously developing and applying new technologies, improving energy efficiency, optimizing industrial productivity, building the first brand of automation 

in China's manufacturing industry, and being widely used in the injection molding industry through central feeding system and manipulator, Realize the low-carbon 

sustainable development of manufacturing enterprises and realize new leaps. It can not only improve the quality and output of products, but also be of great significance 

to ensure personal safety, improve the working environment,reduce labor intensity, improve labor productivity, save raw material consumption and reduce production costs. 

It is also an important breakthrough in energy conservation and emission reduction.

More and more enterprises realize that they aim at emerging problems and trend industries; Through the adjustment of product types and looking for differentiated development,

 there will be a great future in the future. We are pleased to see that more and more automation enterprises are formulating "low-carbon economy" plans

For example, Guangdong tostar has always focused on high-end intelligent equipment, advocated returning industrial civilization to the brand value of natural beauty, vigorously

 established a low-carbon technology innovation system, entered new markets through energy-saving and efficiency enhancing automation solutions, and achieved a great leap forward, 

And it has become the development trend of industrial production. Its development and popularization is conducive to realizing efficient and clean recycling of resources and energy, 

minimizing environmental impact, and effectively ensuring the supply and utilization of China's modernization process and equipment manufacturing. 

It is an important way to establish a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and has a certain urgency. We should seize the opportunity to occupy the commanding height 

and lay the foundation for future industrial security in the high-tech revolution characterized by green, intelligent and sustainable.

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