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0.5M Reject Conveyor (upgrade)


0.5M Reject Conveyor

Main Function:

1.Used in the SMT behind the AOI to separate the OK/NG PCBs.
  When received the first NG signal from AOI,PCB flow to the middle of rail.
  PCB leave the rail and goes up then alarms by sounds and green light flash 
  to remind operator double check.OK PCB transport to downstream.When received
  the second NG signal from AOI,conveyor stop working and alram by sounds and
  red light flash,press reset button to continue after pick away the first NG PCB.

Main Specification:

1.Machine size:(L)500x(W)560x(H)900mm
2.PCB size:50*50~320*250mm.
3.Transport direction:Front rail fixed,transport from left to right.
4.Transport height:950±30mm.Height adjusted by feet.

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