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Semiconductor Mini Unloader


Miniature magazine Unloader


Main Funtion:

1.Used in the end of SMT line, collect PCBs one by one and push into magazine after receive upstream signal.

2.One special magazine can be placed. The staff will put the magazines of the installed PCB board into the track from the front and bottom of the machine. The magazines will enter the lifting platform, and the machine will put the PCB board into the magazine one by one. After the magazine is full, it flows out from the upper part of the front of the machine and is taken out by the staff.

3.The magazine size is (248 * 85.5 * 144MM) and each layer is 5.75mm

Specification :

Machine size:(L)1000*(W)980*(H)1550mm

PCB size:50*50~300*200mm

Magazine Size:(248*8505*144mm,Height of each layer is 5.75mm can holde 20 layers)

Transport direction:Front rail fixed,from left to right transfering.

Transport height:950±30mm.

Lifting distance selection:01、02、03、04

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