New Products

The following is about New products related,i hope to help you better understand.
  • The automatic online plasma cleaner machine provides excellent plasma treatment quality, which can effectively remove the pollutants of the product and enhance the activation.The plasma cleaner machine adopts a set of nozzle design, adjustable Z-axis trips, PLC program, orbital design, equipped with standard SEMEA communication protocol, which can realize high-speed program production and standardized production.


  • AM400 atuomatic attached machine adopting a full-closed-loop servo control system, while improving efficiency, it can accurately mount labels, adhesives, steel sheets, and other auxiliary materials. It is suitable for all PCBs and flexible PCB board in the SMT industry, which can effectively reduce operator errors.


  • Some conveyors will find that the conveyor belt is running off the track after using it for a period of time.


  • The multifunctional shuttle conveyor is a new type of conveying equipment for pre-treatment and electrophoresis.


  • Used in the SMT behind the AOI to separate the OK/NG PCBs.


  • Used in the end of SMT line, collect PCBs one by one and push into magazine after receive upstream signal.


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