Atmospheric Plasma Treatment Machine
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Atmospheric Plasma Treatment Machine

Spa - 2800 atmospheric plasma cleaning machine is a large plasma cleaning machine with powerful "Cup" It can achieve the unified monitoring of the central control system, make the cleaning effect more stable and lasting, enhance the anti-interference performance, reduce the failure rate, control the maintenance cost, improve the production capacity and effectively reduce the production cost.


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Product Description

Structural principle:

Atmospheric plasma cleaning machine product series:

Major atmospheric plasma equipment solutions:

Online atmospheric plasma equipment

Platform type plasma cleaning equipment

Atmospheric plasma cleaning machine(SDP-5200)

Four or eight heads can be customized (SPL-4500)

Product features:

1. Military grade hardware design, with an ambient temperature range of - 25 ℃ - 50 ℃, which can adapt to different harsh scenarios,

MTBF (mean time between failures) time can reach ≥ 190khrs mil-hdbk-217f (25 ℃);

2. Digital control, display screen display, real-time monitoring, strong anti-interference;

3. Equipped with ST brand ARM chip, powerful remote debugging communication function, seamless connection to any application scenario,

The self-developed software can intelligently judge and coordinate the real-time collected data, so as to realize power self matching and stability without change;

4. Support analog communication interface and powerful remote communication function;

5. It has the following detection functions: air pressure detection, transformer arc voltage detection, transformer primary peak current detection and power grid current detection;

6. Support jet spray gun and rotary spray gun at the same time;

7. It has over temperature protection, overload protection, short circuit, open circuit, leakage protection, various misoperation protection and other protection functions.



SPA-2800 Series atmospheric plasma cleaning machine



control way

Local control and remote control

Remote communication mode

communication interface

Output precision


Response time


Power range

600-950W adjustable (depending on load)

Pressure range

50Kpa~400Kpa adjustable;

Anti interference ability


Data detection

Air pressure detection, mainboard temperature detection, transformer arc voltage detection


Short circuit, open circuit, insufficient air pressure alarm, high gas pressure alarm, main board error alarm

Alarm mode

Audible alarm





Conventional common spray gun



Processing width


Processing height


processing speed


Treatment temperature


Air pressure output range

0.2Mpa ±20%

High voltage line length


Rated supply voltage

220VAC±20% 50-60Hz

Switching frequency


Output precision


Power factor


Working ambient temperature

-20 ~ 35℃

Control mode    



Machine sze




 Product function:

1. Digital control, accurate, fast and stable
As sindin's first independently developed atmospheric plasma cleaning machine, 

spa-2800 has been tested and optimized by customers for many years. Its stability and reliability 

are very reliable. It can detect the air pressure, power and grid voltage, accurately set the air pressure and power, reduce interference and have strong stability.

2. ARM chip with powerful high-speed central processing capability
All atmospheric plasma cleaning machines on the market have no ARM chip, which can not realize 

complex human-computer interaction, intelligent judgment and unified processing of data.
·Spa-2800 adopts ARM chip of St brand, which is like installing a "brain". It makes human-computer interaction simple and clear,

 has powerful remote debugging communication function, and can seamlessly connect any application scenario; The self-developed software 

makes intelligent judgment on the data collected in real time and coordinates the work;

3. Rich control mode and remote communication function
Spa-2800 has two modes: digital communication and analog communication· Analog communication adopts I / O 

communication mode, which can control the start and stop of equipment and obtain alarm data;

4.2 online automation solutions to quickly connect customer production lines and control costs

Provide two kinds of automation solutions, configure the most cost-effective automation system according to the existing production line, 

truly realize intelligent manufacturing and effectively control customer costs;


Industry application:

Lithium battery industry  

Battery adhesive, welding, packaging and blue film bonding can effectively 

remove organic matter and impurities on the surface and improve surface adhesion

Automobile industry  

Headlights, steering wheel, EPDM sealing strip, windshield glass, automotive electronics, 

enhance surface hydrophilicity and improve the quality of pasting.

LED industry

Solid crystal pretreatment, lead bonding pretreatment and LED packaging pretreatment can remove pollutants, increase bonding strength and improve luminous rate.


 Metal bonding pretreatment, plastic packaging pretreatment, bottom filling pretreatment, photoresist removal, 

substrate surface activation, coating, removing static electricity and organic pollutants and improving hydrophilicity.

Plastic industry  

Teflon surface activation, ABS surface activation and other plastic material cleaning activation can improve the wettability of the surface.

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